These are the very first pics that I ever saw of my then-soon-to-be car. It ain't glamorous, but it told me several very important things about the vehicle. #1, it's the original tan interior, which means that I can use good, unfaded sections of the car to get a perfect color-match to what K.I.T.T.s interior looked like. #2, it's an Automatic, which means that it has the incredibly rare and hard-to-find, made-for-one-year-only, Automatic shifter. #3, it's also has the incredibly rare and hard-to-find, made-for-two-years-only, PMD seats. These are the leather variety, (not vinyl, actual leather mind you), instead of the lower-end, (yet perferred by myself), velour seats that K.I.T.T. had, but that's find by me as long I have the base seat to go off of.

And lastly #4, it has the solid rear seat, and not the split back version. The first few seasons of Knight Rider, K.I.T.T. was always show with the Solid Rear Seat. Later on in the series though they got a little sloppy and swapped it around with the less perferred split-back. Glad to have all the right parts on this one so I don't have to both wasting my time, and money, on tracking them down! :)

And these are the very first pics that I ever took of my now-owned car. :) These were literally taken just a few minutes after the car officially became mine. We drove away from the previous owners house and to a truck-stop near the interstate onramp to refuel and throw some EFI Cleaner in the car before our long 400 mile journey back. The car was sitting for 5 years and had 5 year old gas and oil in it, so, even though it turned right over, I thought it wise to do the best I could with limited supplies to ensure a smooth return trip.


The photos below were taken with an old Polaroid camera that Ramirez had laying around and hadn't used since lord knows when. Heck, I don't even know where he found film for it! He wanted to get us some instant gratification pics though, and it was a cool idea to celebrate the moment with.